5 Reasons to Redesign Your B2B Website in 2020

5 Reasons to Redesign Your B2B Website in 2020

As we got closer to 2021, the first impression your brand makes on a potential customer is your website. Most companies are not fans of costly and lengthy website redesigns every few years, despite sales messaging not aligning with existing website messaging, which is where growth oriented B2B companies sales-ready websites become vital when measuring effectiveness of your website converting more strangers into leads. The internal resources needed to develop in-house of hire a web design agency is vital to make sure your teams vision is translated in the final product. The more common reasons companies redesign their site are:

  1. Your content management system or website technology is out of date
  2. Your website is ultimately not generating enough leads each month
  3. The look and feel of your website does not align with your target demographics
  4. Your website does not provide an ideal experience for mobile phone users

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It is vital to see here that”re design” does not suggest that you have to alter each of one’s branding and image design elements. In reality, B2B website redesign serves you and can involve making practical alterations that help your web site. Ideally, running your ideas through a B2B website redesign checklist will ensure you are setting your company up for success as you embark on your next website redesign. Your web site is just one of those components of your advertising plan?

As it’s possible to discover a lot of great reasons perhaps maybe not to revamp your website, listed below are eight great reasons why you ought to receive your re design plans from the bottom.


1. Need more website leads each month

Is your B2B website Pixel perfect, functional, and gorgeous? Great! While aesthetics can help draw in the website visitor to stay longer, your website content itself is what contributes the most to helping you convert website visitors into marketing qualified leads. Remember that your B2B website exists to ultimately be your top sales rep, so if this is not your situation, then it might be time to consider a website redesign to further fill your sales pipeline messaging. Assessing your website’s conversion speeds — lead-to-customer and visitor-to-lead on average being the very crucial.

Below are a couple of questions that you should think about to direct your re design process:

  • Can your call to action convert traffic into customers and leads?
  • Can your landing pages inspire visitors to discover more by digging deeper, more or are they only visually pleasing pages which communicate little price?
  • Can be the website overly text-heavy or disagrees with corporate-speak?
  • Can your website’s appearance and texture fit your institution’s voice and speak directly to your intended audience?

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2. New Brand Messaging & Positioning

While your lead generation strategy may be fluid and reflects fluctuations, your approach to your next B2B website redesign should be much more data-driven. It is really a fantastic idea to look at to make certain your website is adapting with your promotion plans As you do not have to execute the site re design whenever you adapt your advertising targets.

Upgrade its design to become much more in line if your website’s purpose has changed. As an example, if you are new aims would be actually to provide more lead creation articles (perhaps some”how to” website articles and ebooks), then make certain you include CTAs in your own site and other pages that are popular.


3. Your site simply does not get the job done

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This may look obvious, however, you’ve probably stumbled on sites that are dysfunctional, to put it. Your website may not be on this degree… however it may still not be user-friendly as it might possibly be. The reality is that there might be parts and also you also could not realize that they’re making your site effective.

Functionality should become a focus for you — lead generation efforts and your own traffic may suffer whether or not it isn’t. The way you reply the following queries may point you

  • Could a visitor readily locate the most fundamental things in your own website, such as telephone info?
  • Can be the blog navigation confusing?
  • Can be the content hidden?
  • Are the goods and service supplies completely up?


4. You’ve got a productive website site design plan

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If you are considering a B2B website redesign, then it’s possible you’ve heard a fair number in what will not work in the plan procedure as you through the redesign process. This is where your company needs to first step back and weigh the differences between traditional web design VS growth-driven design. If you are operating on opinions of one or two internal stakeholders may favor to influence your next website redesign, then your company is headed for a costly lesson.

Leveraging data-driven decision making based on past performance is invaluable insights that will greatly assist your company in making the most of the information that you’ve accumulated on what works in your site and plan. Take a deeper dive into how growth-driven design works to asses how that aligns with your website redesign objectives and budget. To put it differently, you’re going to find a way to tell if a users’ needs have been met.

You do not actually see the changes a number of those internet web sites you see make on an everyday basis brands possess teams devoted to iterating on every detail. As you might not need too much tools because these brands, make sure every change that you make solves a challenge and has a purpose.

Questions like these can help you determine if you have difficulty to resolve and a goal:

  • Will clients be mad by a significant overhaul?
  • Can you have all of the answers you want from the clients to earn a substantial shift?
  • Could you keep costs down by making minor alterations to a significant feature?

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More than roughly 15% of web traffic originates from smartphones. If your B2B website isn’t responsive, the chances you are losing leads and maybe even clients are high. Mobile users also have left it clear in case it has never been created, and this ought to be a priority for the company — that they wish a wonderful UX in their apparatus — even exactly the ones that they have on laptops.


5. Refining Persona-Driven Experience

Possessing compelling persona-driven content in your own website can greatly improve lead to conversion ratios. After all, if you write for robots and search rankings, your sales ready website content will never actually convert your website visitors into new leads. This is where stepping back and taking a sober and objective audit of your content marketing strategy will help your company to effectively map content to the each stage of your buyer’s journey.  Nevertheless, quality articles is futile if it can’t be readily found by your customers.

Thus, if you are intending to produce some huge adjustments to your articles plan (perhaps boosting your website production?  , a web could be advisable. Like that, your amazing articles, ebooks, as well as other articles can easily be findable (as well as also your leads database may grow how you need it to).

Think about these questions In case you are on the fence around a redesign at the title of One’s articles plan:

  • Could your clients easily locate your material material?
  • Can your articles incorporate calls-to-action?
  • Would the search engines find and index your own content?

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Your site is intended to bring business to your own. When it isn’t doing this, it is time make alterations and to ascertain not. Faced with revenue growth goals. What elements of your site would you like to upgrade? Ideally you want to do a reputation check and work with a local web design agency that has deep experience within your specific industry. Make sure to for success stories from working with similar companies, not just screenshots but case studies as well that underscores the impact their efforts had in support of helping achieve the clients sales and marketing goals.

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